Meet the women behind the hive...

Heather T Procknal

Owner and Founder of Thrivin' Hive Food Wraps


Certified Integrative Health Coach & Owner of Revive and Thrive Wellness

Donna Cribb

Retired Nurse turned

Worker Bee Extraordinaire!  

Cole - Donna's pup
 Honorary Hive Helper who likes to snatch crumbs off the floor when Heather and Donna are taking photos of food with their wraps. 

Thrivin' Hive Food Wraps were born out of necessity to help a busy mom and business owner improve her kitchen and clean up the environment. Heather T Procknal was determined to reduce the toxic plastic that's all around us. So, she got to work with her recently retired mom, Donna Cribb, and together they created the perfect solution. (so much for retirement...)

Thrivin' Hive Food Wraps are a Reusable, Eco-Conscious, Plastic Alternative that belong in every kitchen, if you ask us!


Not only are these hard working food wraps helping eliminate the toxins we consume, they are reducing the amount of plastic that goes into our environment, oceans, and waterways!


Heather, Donna, and their Thrivin' Hive Bee family are animal lovers and advocates, with a deep love and respect for Mother Earth. 

Every little bit counts and you can make an impact on plastic waste by using a Thrivin' Hive Bag or Wrap, instead of a plastic baggie or cling wrap.

Do you hear that? That's the sound of the sea turtles, dolphins, birds, and other wildlife breathing a small sigh of relief from the plastic overload they're enduring due to excessive plastic waste from humans.

By purchasing Thrivin' Hive Food Wraps you are contributing to the solution of less waste and better health! {high five!}

"Bee the change you wish to see in the world."

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